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David can help you. He'll put you in touch with top-notch loan officers representing the best in the local lending business.

Find a Lender

We work with lenders and mortgage brokers every day. We know which ones handle their customers professionally and we know of others who take too many short cuts that often work out to be at the expense of the borrower and may cause the closing to be delayed. Let us guide you to a quality lending
institution. Click on the logo for access to the lender!

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Get Preapproved

You can look for a home without having any idea how to finance it, but sellers won't take you very seriously. Remember, pre-qualification is a quick-look indication that you "could" qualify for a loan of a
certain amount. Pre-approval is much more useful, as it indicates to sellers that you have already had your credit and income verified, and can definitely arrange financing for a home up to a given selling price.