Real Estate Wanted in Virginia Beach - Making Dreams a Reality!

David Phillips is searching for homes and properties for clients.  Thinking about selling your home in Virginia Beach?  David has potential buyers for your home.  Check the list out for the real estate wanted as these are examples of the homes and real estate that David Phillips of the The Real Estate Group is searching for.


  1. Beach lots in Virginia Beach & buildable lots and acreage wanted for several builder/ developer clientele 
  2. Looking for land to be developed for residential homes of 3 acres + in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.  My clientele will be more interested if it already zoned.  Looking for multifamily zoning and up to R15.
  3. Builder looking for reasonable priced building lot in the Shore Drive corridor from Cape Story down to Chic's Beach. (only interested in motivated sellers) as builder's numbers must work.
  4. Looking for a home or lot in Cape Story, Virginia Beach.   Lot should be under 250K  or home should be under 450K.
  5. Land for development of townhouses/condos- Virginia Beach and Chesapeake
  6. Bayfront home with 2800 sq ft or more in Chick's Beach, Ocean Park, or Cape Story up to 1 million.   Fixer upper ok.
  7. Spectacular home / condo in the downtown area of Norfolk with water views up 1.2million with 3000 sq ft or more.
  8. Ranch 2400 sqft w/ 2 car garage under 325K- Virginia Beach  Fixer upper ok.